Bomanite Licensing: How it benefits concrete manufacturers and installers

Bomanite licensing programs offer ample business opportunities in this lucrative industry

Are you looking for a new business venture? Or just looking to diversify your existing concrete or landscape business?

Either way, the decorative concrete industry is a worthy endeavor.

To embark on this journey, you’ll need to understand the options available to you.

Stamped decorative concrete has always been a popular choice for property developers and designers.

It offers extensive design flexibility. It has a longer lifespan with reduced maintenance and care. Also, it is easier to apply, and less labor intensive.

By manipulating a standard gray concrete, you can quickly and cost-effectively transform it into various attractive design elements. It is the far-reaching design versatility that makes decorative concrete a mainstream hardscape or preferred flooring option.stamped concrete

Over the course of its 60-years of existence, Bomanite has continually improved their methods and applications.

Its ever-evolving trend has brought forth abundant possibilities for manufacturers, contractors, and new business owners alike.

In this article, we will provide general licensing details, those offered by Bomanite and their benefits. We hope at the end of it you’d have a clearer picture as to the options available for you to venture into your very own stamped concrete business.

Concrete Business Opportunities

In a decorative concrete business, you have a broad range of products and services to offer your clients.

From technologies and expertise to offering services like installation, resurfacing, polishing, stenciling and more; you can also design the entire installation for the customer offering them an end-to-end solution.

Licensing Opportunities with Bomanite

Bomanite is known to be the preferred option and solution for stamped and decorative concrete around the globe.

Being the pioneer in this industry since 1959, we bring the benefits of a robust network of experts with decades of experience.

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Therefore, we understand that the value of being backed by a premium brand is a tremendous benefit.

It allows you to leverage on a reliable support system while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of a substantial pre-established market brand presence.

At Bomanite, we also believe in team efforts where we share information, ideas, and successes, collaborating with our Licensees internally.

We want to build a sustainable platform together with our Licensees.

Before we explore the benefits of partnering with Bomanite, here are the types of licenses that we offer.

1. Full Manufacturing License

This is a license for you to manufacture and run your business in an exclusive territory where you’ll receive:

  • Training and guidance on how to set up manufacturing, QAQC, as well as application training, etc.
  • Assistance in getting started with the initial business model and marketing strategy
  • Access to protected formulations developed and improved over the past 60 years
  • Technical assistance
  • Marketing support

Being a Bomanite Manufacturing Partner also allows you to develop and issue Master and/or Installer Licenses.

2. Master License

This license allows you exclusive rights to operate your business in a defined territory without the manufacturing elements. You would purchase Bomanite products and tools from agreed Bomanite Manufacturing locations.

In return for purchasing Bomanite products from Bomanite Manufacturing Partner (or Bomanite pre-approved sources, in some instances), you’ll receive:

  • Technical application training
  • Marketing support & assistance (from Bomanite or controlling Manufacturing Licensee)

As a Master Licensee, you can establish your business and issue non-exclusive Installer License in your territory in order to help expand your market share.

3. Installer License

With the Installer license, you get non-exclusive rights to sell and install Bomanite products in a defined area.

In return for purchasing Bomanite products from Bomanite Manufacturing Licensee, Bomanite Master Licensee (or Bomanite pre-approved sources, in special circumstances), you’ll receive:

  •    Installation training and support

Benefits of Bomanite Concrete Licenses

Bomanite currently provides the above listed licensing opportunities in many countries.

Successful applicants can enjoy a few significant advantages. Here are some of the benefits you’d enjoy as a concrete partner of Bomanite.

Free Online Technical Forums

As our licensee, you will be invited to all-year-round free workshops and seminars conducted by industry veterans and experts.

These workshops benefit our partners where they gain knowledge through live visual and knowledge sharing amongst peers and like-minded professionals.

Exclusive Members Portal

Having a reliable support system is critical to our collaborative ecosystem. As such, we have developed a portal for our partners to network with each other and also with industry experts to exchange knowledge and ideas.

CustomIseD Training Programs

You will get specially designed training that fits your needs. These training events can be conducted at your premise or any specific location desired.

We have recently held a Manufacturing Camp in Subic Bay, Philippines.

BIL Manufacturing Camp Subic Bay

The camp covered Bomanite’s manufacturing process and many other things. It allowed our manufacturing partners to network and learns from experts from the US who were present at the workshop.

Access to Manufacturing Facilities

We have manufacturing facilities in various strategic locations around the world where you can access both products and support.

How to get started on a journey to become Bomanite’s partner

The first step involves you filling in our Bomanite License Application Form. We will then assess your capabilities accordingly.

Depending on the assessment results, we’ll offer different types of license options fit for you to choose from.

If you are interested in learning more about joining the Bomanite family, please contact us today!

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