Akasya Shopping Mall

Istanbul, Turkey

Akasya is the Istanbul's biggest-transformed-factory-site-shopping-mall (143, 598 square meters). Owned by SAF Real Estate Company, the said development is a mixed-use of housing (192,000 square meters, a total of 1,580 units), retail (85,000 square meters leasable area), recreational (58,000 square meters green facilities; 7,500 square meters lakes; 26,000 square meters central park), and edutainment (Kidzania on 8,000 square meters).

We started to deal with the investors in 2012 and was able to close the deal with an installation of Bomanite Stamped Concrete Finish totaling to 8,650 square meters at the driveway and rain gutters surrounding the Ak-Asya Mall. Upon visitors' entry on either of the two mirror entrances, they will be welcomed by the slate-textured-naturally-looking-stamped-concrete-installed-driveways, which happen to be the project's focal points of fascination.

The most important handicap in this big project which we faced with was the time limit. The project was being very late apart from Bomanite and we had to work in hard winter conditions. Sometimes we had to work under rain and lots of the time there was hard wind which is the enemy of the stamped concrete. As the project was late every each subcontractors of the other jobs were working hard, especially on our semi-completed decorative concrete. It was not easy to manage all these other people in order to protect our job. 5-7 days after laying Bomanite we saw many times crains on the concrete. And the other biggest problem was the delivery of concrete mixers out of plans. For example most of the times ; we requested the ready mix concrete on 8 am, the trucks arrived 3 pm because of the location of the mall . We had to work all night till early in the morning and accordingly with this , the weather and the employee conditions had changed negatively.

But in the when we finished 10.000 sqm area which is more than planned , the investor company was very happy with our job and they are now regreting for not using Bomanite systems instead of natural stone in the entrances of the mall.