Bomanite Vertical Systems is a technology combined with lightweight-polymer-modified-mixture to enable workability in vertical surfaces. Bomanite Vertical Systems is a revolutionary approach to walling design and capabilities. Bomanite Vertical Systems can refurbish old, worn out surfaces an dturn them nto a new and exciting expanses of color, pattern, stone, and texture. it can be used on interior or exterior, horizontal surfaces and offers large design capabilities with the ability to create custom rock structures or refined walling surfaces. With Bomanite's full line of coloration systems available, Bomanite Vertical Systems can be colored to fit any projects. With the tight deadlines and budget constraints often faced by architects and designers, it is the perfect solution. It can take color to new heights, placing vibrant details on walls and other vertical surfaces where color could not be normally placed, allowing for unlimited design potential. Bomanite Vertical Systems brings your vision to life.