Kidzania Turkiye

Istanbul, Turkey

In Kidzania our job was 2,500 square meters total of Stamped Concrete Installation of the flooring . Bomanite's Polishing System is also employed in this project. The said edutainment is one of the fastest growing global brands in the world to have received more than 20 million guests, allowing children to work in adult jobs and earn currency. Kidzania is a privately held Mexican company. This is one of the projects where Bomanite's global synergies happen to be acknowledged. Bomanite Mexico was able to have made Bomanite specified and installed on Kidzania's first store chain and still is being utilized everytime they open a new one. This made us to easily source out the customized design tools to be used for the said project. Moreover, Bomanite SE Asia has been a great help to the Team as well, in terms of providing additional manpower to ensure project's success.

The level of the Kidzania is +18meters, so it was not possible to pump up the Bomanite mix concrete with the regular concrete pumps . the contractor layed pipes and we pumped the concrete from those pumps to +18m , but the concrete was in a liquid form with some additives inside. So it was not the best concrete which we had to work with, it dried very quickly, caused some cracks and levelling problems. We had to break some areas and poured the concrete in the site again so it took more time than planned. Cleaning was another problem in this area is it was indoor project and by mistake of the contractor, the drains were not working properly.

After open-house , we received great thanks from Kidzania Türkiye Management and had been informed that they were looking forward working with Bomanite with the next Kidzania project in Turkey.