The drawing files were created using scaled raster images, text and dimensions. The raster images provide the most realistic representation of the actual Bomanite patterns. Due to minor inaccuracies of the original artwork not all of the image files are exactly to scale. The drawing files were created using Architect units. To use these files, make copy of the desired file(s) and the attached image file(s). The drawing files and image files must be in the same directory. If the image file is not in the same directory as the drawing file the path of the image will have to be reset using the AutoCAD image manager in the insert pull down menu. The pattern drawings use individual layers for text, dimensions and the attached images to provide flexibility for users. Modify the layer properties to best suit individual plotting needs.


R2000 / R14 AutoCAD Files


.tiff file

.dwg file

3D Graphics

4 x 4 Granite Setts

6 in. Random Boardwalk

11½ in. Random Boardwalk

12 in. Braided Border

12 in. Coquina

12 in. Granite

12 in. Sandblast Limestone

16x16 in. Slate

24 in. Coquina

24 in. Limestone

29 in. Sandblast Limestone

48 in. Limestone

Adoquin Tile

Ashlar Slate

Basketweave Boardwalk

Basketweave Brick

Basketweave Used Brick


Canyon Stone

Circular Granite Stone Tool A

Circular Granite Stone Tool B

Circular Granite Stone Tool C

Circular Granite Stone Tool D

Creek Stone

English Sidewalk Slate


Fishscale Belgian Block

Fishscale Cobblestone

Fishscale Granite Radius

Fishscale Granite Setts


Garden Stone

Herringbone Brick

Herringbone Granite

Herringbone Slate

Herringbone Used Brick

Hex Tile

La Paz Stone

Large Sandstone

Limestone Sandblast Octagon Paver

Medium Ashlar Slate

Mission Sandblast Limestone

Moorish Tile

Paramount Graphics

Pershing Square Graphics

Random Slate A

Random Slate B

Random Slate C

Random Slate D

Random Stone

River Rock

Riverside Slate

Roman Cobble

Running Bond Belgian Block

Running Bond Brick

Running Bond Cobblestone

Running Bond Coquina

Running Bond Granite

Running Bond Regular Slate

Running Bond Sandblast Limestone

Running Bond Tile

Running Bond Used Brick

Sacked Bond Brick

Sandstone Octagon Tile

Small Random Slate

Small Sandstone

Sn Isidro Used Brick

Soldier Course Brick

Soldier Course Used Brick

Stacked Bond Used Brick


Wood End Grain